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Miley Cyrus on stageMiley Cyrus on stage

When country singer Billy Ray Cyrus and his wife Leticia were blessed with a daughter, they named her Destiny Hope, because they hoped and believed that she was destined (bestemt) to have a great future. But baby Cyrus smiled so much that her parents called her Miley (baby talk for “Smiley”), and that was the name she continued to use when she became famous.

Miley was brought up on a farm outside Nashville, Tennessee, and learned to act at the age of nine, when the family moved to Canada. Three years later the Disney Channel gave her the part of Hannah in Hannah Montana, and she became a star. One thing led to another, and Miley has appeared in movie after movie. And she is not only an actor. She has had a very successful career as a singer, too, making bestselling albums and going on tour worldwide.

Miley Cyrus was very rich and very famous when she was only 16. She has always been a regular churchgoer, and helping less fortunate people is important to her. This is why she has given millions of dollars to charities. And this is one of the many reasons why she is so popular all over the planet.


Find words in the text which mean the same as these Norwegian ones:
  • velsignet
  • framtid
  • berømt
  • oppdratt
  • rolle
  • skuespiller
  • vellykket
  • kirkegjenger
  • heldig
  • veldedige institusjoner

Activities for the links below

1) Miley’s life has not always been happy and glamorous. Read the article ‘Miley Cyrus was bullied in school’ (see Articles & Resources in the menu on the right) and then answer these questions. As usual, use your own words wherever possible.

  1. What do we call a book in which a person describes his or her own life?
  2. Why do you think the book mentioned is called Miles to Go?
  3. Why does Miley think “The Anti-Miley Club” existed?
  4. What were the physical differences between Miley and the girls in the “club”?
  5. What two instances of bullying are mentioned?
  6. How did Miley end the episode in which she was challenged to a fight?
  7. How would you have acted in Miley’s place?
  8. Why does the writer of the article think other teenagers should read the book?

2) Read the review of Hannah Montana: The Movie in Norwegian. As you read it, make notes on important points in English. Then combine these into a summary – in English – of the review. Your summary should be about 250 words in length.


Hannah Montana: The Movie (review)

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