A World in Transition

Chapter 4 revises the impact of international English and globalization in light of the economic crisis that has determined so many international developments since late in the first decade of the 21st century.


Competence aims in focus:

The aims of the studies are to enable pupils to

  • elaborate on and discuss a number of international and global challenges
  • give an account of fundamental principles for constructing texts in a variety of genres
  • write coherent, well-structured texts on general, specialized and literary subjects
  • analyse linguistic tools in different kinds of texts
  • present a major in-depth project on a topic from International English or another subject from his or her own programme area and assess the process

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Introduction: Possibilities and Problems [02:37]
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Alternative Lifestyles [06:31]
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Focus: The Impact of Globalization [10:41]
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Uncertain Times [01:53]
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Longer Hours for Less [01:39]
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Competition Creates Cars [02:05]
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NGOs - Beyond State Control [07:14]
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A Case of Injustice [07:22]
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Global Heroes - International Charity [08:04]
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Trafficking: Two Stories [05:01]
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