Video: The power of English for development

Discussion on English in Development with government representatives from Commonwealth countries, Non-Government Organisations, multilateral agencies, and participants from the UK media and policy makers.


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A World of Opportunites

This chapter gives a combined presentation of both international educational and work opportunities now open to students who master English.


Competence aims in focus:

The aims of the studies are to enable pupils to

  • locate, elaborate on and discuss international educational options and employment options
  • give an account of fundamental principles for constructing texts in a variety of genres
  • write coherent, well-structured texts on general, specialized and literary subjects
  • analyse linguistic tools in different kinds of texts
  • present a major in-depth project on a topic from International English or another subject from his or her own programme area and assess the process



Introduction: People in Motion [04:36]
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English - Norways Second Language (Or Was It First?) [07:42]
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Focus: Education and Work - International Perspectives [09:31]
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Back to School but Far from Home [03:13]
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Europe's Push to Teach in English Creates Barriers in the Classroom [02:59]
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Koreans Go to Woodstock - to Learn English [08:22]
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The Way to Soria Moria [05:21]
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Getting It Right in Business [07:46]
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Business English (BBC)

No borders mean flatter world will get us anywhere (BBC)

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