Preface: Access to International English (new edition)

Welcome to the revised edition of Access to International English, a textbook designed to meet the goals specified for the five-hour English course in international English (Internasjonal engelsk – programfag i studiespesialiserende utdanningsprogram).


Although the basic structure of this textbook remains a division into six chapters corresponding to the goals set out for the course, the content and order of these chapters have been significantly changed, reflecting feedback we have gotten from teachers and students.


  • Chapter 1 now introduces the scope of international English in a more succinct way.
  • The topic of international English and the media has been moved forward to Chapter 2 in recognition of the impact of revolutionary developments in communication over the last decade.
  • Chapter 3 now combines the experiences in multiculturalism of both Great Britain and the United States – as well as other English-speaking nations – to give a more thorough treatment of the theme.
  • Chapter 4 revises the impact of international English and globalization in light of the economic crisis that has determined so many international developments since late in the first decade of the 21st century.
  • Chapter 5 gives a combined presentation of both international educational and work opportunities now open to students who master English.
  • The content of Chapter 6 is now devoted solely to literature, providing a structured presentation of literary analysis making use of short stories and poems selected from around the English-speaking world. Literature is not confined to this chapter, however. As in the first edition, it is to be found in all chapters in combination with many other forms of texts.


Perhaps the most significant revision in this edition is the inclusion of a Writing Course and a Language Course found as separate units at the end of the six chapters. Although each of these units may be read separately, together they represent a systematic approach to mastering the skills of composition, style, genre and some of the more challenging aspects of English grammar. Students are directed to these units in many of the tasks found throughout the book.


Over the last decade the use of computers and the internet has become an integrated part of the classroom in upper secondary schools. Access to International English makes full use of this resource through its extensive and free website at Included there are interactive tasks, updated articles, links for in-depth assignments found in “Digging Deeper” (a new addition to the textbook), movie and novel analysis and tasks – and much more. The website also contains Teacher’s Resources, including a suggested year plan, keys to tasks and PowerPoint presentations of core texts, among other things.


Access to International English is first and foremost a textbook for the instruction of English, but it is also meant to be a portal to the international connections and opportunities English provides. We hope you will find this revised edition both enjoyable and rewarding to use.


Cappelen Damm

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