Self-evaluation: Basic skills

Below we provide four tables that cover basic skills in English. Each point in the tables should be considered a goal you are aiming for.
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Work with a simple three-star rating.
Means you feel this is one of your weak areas and you want to work more with it
** Means you feel fairly strong in this area

*** Means you feel confidently strong in this area

 Structure of your texts
Own rating
 Are your texts well organized?
 Do your texts have a clear structure?
 Are your texts dynamic, meaning you vary your sentences, do not use certain words too much, do not repeat yourself?
 Do your texts flow? Do you write in a way that lets the reader understand you easily? Do you have good transitions between sentences? Do you use linking words?
Own rating
 Do you make few basic grammar errors?
 Do you use complex sentences with confidence?
 Do you vary your types of sentences?
 Do you have problems with typical Norwegian-English mistakes like the third-person “s” or the apostrophe?
 Do you indicate direct and indirect speech correctly?
Words and phrases
Own rating
 Do you have a broad vocabulary?
 Do you have a good grasp of idioms?
 Does your language sound natural?
 Do you use a varied style?
 Is your style adapted to the context and for the intended reader/situation?
Spelling and punctuation
Own rating
 Is your spelling accurate?
 Do you use commas correctly?
 Do you use other types of punctuation correctly, e.g. the colon, semi-colon, the dash?
 Do you use capital letters correctly?
Oral skills
Own rating
 Are you satisfied with your pronunciation?
 Do you feel you speak in a natural and fluent way?
 Do you find the words you want during your presentation and when you are discussing things with people?
 Do you understand other people when you are discussing with them?
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