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Although there can be little doubt that international English still “punches above its ” on the internet, this is not a situation. Over the past the position of English has gradually . Today the number of internet users who speak is roughly the same as the number who speak . Ten years ago English speakers were more than double the number of Chinese speakers. Does this herald the of Chinese as the most important language of international communication in the future? That does not seem likely so long as people from around the world who do not speak each other’s languages continue to choose to communicate with one another using English as their lingua .

Media channels such as international broadcasting, English is actually gaining . And then there is the fact that in any given year there are more Chinese speakers English that there are native English speakers in the world. That’s a lot of international English speakers in the . Change is no doubt , but there is little doubt that English will remain the international language of the media for the foreseeable future.

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