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Bollywood – drama and entertainment

Although Hollywood remains the 900 pound gorilla of worldwide , it may come as a surprise that it is no longer the largest filmmaker on the planet. Many years ago it had to cede that honor to its Indian sound-alike, Bollywood.  “Bollywood” is a term that now the entire Indian film industry. Taken together, it produces over 1000 films a year, compared to about 500 from Hollywood. In 2004 it surpassed Hollywood in total audience as well, registering over 3.6 billion tickets sold in to Hollywood’s mere 2.6 billion worldwide. Moreover, the Bollywood market is expected to over the coming decades, thanks to a growing of over 500 million Indians under the age of 20.

Compared to Hollywood, most Bollywood films are , relatively melodramas – usually musicals with at least one big dance scene. The tone is decidedly . The emphasis is on star-crossed lovers, politicians, twins (or other family members) separated by birth, reversals of fortune and oddly convenient . Bollywood keeps its distance from critical social commentary on the problems of the day. Rather, the films feature bright colors, scenery, lots of and above all some of the world’s most people. 

All is not sunshine and roses for Bollywood, however. Only about of the films made there are ever shown in movie theaters and more than 90% of those shown earn little or no . Bollywood stays afloat on a handful of successes per year. In contrast, Hollywood releases all the films it makes and is far more profitable. One single Hollywood studio – Walt Disney – made more money than all of Bollywood in 2010.” 

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