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25. mai 2012 holdt Sidsel Wold, NRKs tidligere korrespondent i Midt-Østen  foredraget "Al Jazeera English - en ny stemme i medieverdenen" på et kurs for engelsklærere.


Foredraget . . .

The 24/7 World

Al Jazeera news presenter Ghida FakhryAl Jazeera news presenter Ghida Fakhry

Today information and entertainment are available night and day worldwide. You can switch effortlessly between movies, TV or radio programs from all over the globe, international news stations and an endless supply of music online.

But as much as things have speeded up and spread out, some things remain the same. International English continues to dominate these media and Western – particularly American – influence continues to be greatest in the world entertainment and information market.

Read more in Access to International English, pp. 63-72. Then do the tasks in the textbook and on this website.


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