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is more than . Underlying what we say to one another is a web of , values, expectations, feelings, ideas and experiences that we share. Taken together these may be called our “culture”, which may be defined as everything in “the way of life of a group of people”. We may not be aware of it, but our culture provides a common for us to one another.

Equally, however, it may a basis for us to misunderstand one another – if we come from different societies and lack insight into one another’s cultures. Today the of our modern world has led to the meeting and mixing of many cultures. International English has played an important role in that . But command of the English language in itself is no longer enough for communication. Since English is increasingly used in communication, it has become important for English speakers to train themselves to be both of their own culture and of the culture of the people they speak with. With that end in , let us first learn some of the terms that can be used to with intercultural communication.

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