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After much thought, I came up with a plan. I a way for Rich to meet my mother and win her over. In fact, I arranged it so my mother would want to cook a meal for him. I had some help from Auntie Suyuan. Auntie Su was my mother’s friend from way back. They were very close, which meant they were tormenting each other with and secrets. And I gave Auntie Su a to boast about.

After walking through North beach one Sunday, I suggested to Rich that we stop by for a visit to my Auntie Sue and Uncle Canning. They lived on Leavenworth, just a few west of my mother’s . It was late afternoon, just in time to catch Auntie Su preparing Sunday dinner.

“Stay! Stay!” she had insisted.

“No, no. It’s just that we were by,” I said.

“Already cooked for you. See? One soup, four . You don’t eat it, only have to throw it away.

How could we refuse? Three days later, Auntie Suyuan had a thank-you letter from Rich and me. “Rich said it was the best Chinese food he has ever tasted,” I wrote.

And the next day, my mother called me, to invite me to a belated birthday dinner for my father. My brother Vincent was bringing his girlfriend, Lum. I could bring a friend, too.


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