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In 2003 Amy Stokes South Africa and how HIV/Aids had resulted in millions of children being left without . “[With] so children and so adults to help them grow up, I knew I had we had to find a way to bring … the caring, nurturing effect of adults into their lives.” Her answer was to create “Infinite Family,” a web based that has so far almost 300 South African teens – called Net Buddies – with nearly 200 mentors from around the world. They meet face-to-face on the Ezomndeni-net. In Zulu “Ezomndeni means ‘everything related to family’. Our platform is a virtual world … A starts between one person here and one person there, and then that relationship ,” says Stokes, 44, a resident of Yonkers, New York. “The mentors know that all they have to is themselves,” she adds. “We like to say, ‘The gift is you.’ ... It's a bite-sized to a world.”

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