Job descriptions

Try working with the site below in groups.


First read the text and answer these questions together.

  1. In the context of this article what is meant by:
    - Job analysis?
    - Job incumbent?
    - Job duty?
    - Knowledge?
    - Skill?
    - Credentials and experience?
  2. Read the job description ‘Title: Secretary’. Read the Job summary. Does this job sound interesting to anyone in the group? Why or why not? Could it be an interesting first job? Does it have any similarities with Marianne’s job?
  3. Look under ‘Duties and Responsibilities’. Which of these duties are you capable of performing? Are there any challenging duties here?
  4. Look under ‘Knowledge, Skills and Abilities’. Which of these are you learning in school? Which would require training after you have finished upper secondary school?
  5. Look under ‘Credentials and Experience’. How much additional education would be required? Where could you get the required education? (Search the net for appropriate education in Norway)?
  6. Do you accept the special requirements? Are there any special requirements you would have for your boss/supervisor?


Writing Job Descriptions for Small Businesses

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