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Meeting and Greeting Norwegians

In Norway, are and follow no ritual. A handshake, eye contact and a smile are when doing business in Norway. Although Norwegians are relatively they will often introduce themselves using their . People move to first names quickly but until that occurs one should address people with "Herr" (Mr.) or "Fru" (Mrs.) plus the surname.

When presenting oneself be sure not to appear too over confident or self-promoting. A of Norwegian culture is , embodied in what is called "Jante's Law".  Jante's Law teaches people to be modest and humble. This is seen through most people's to criticise others and an awareness not to flaunt their wealth or financial achievements.

If one were to sum up the communication style it would be informal, transactional and direct.

Due to the influence of egalitarianism, Norwegian business culture airs and graces. On the whole people are generally easy going and informal in business and communication. However, informality does not offer anyone a license to act unprofessionally. It is important to always remain polite and when doing business in Norway.

Although business is in nature, there is still the need to build and confidence. This is through building rapport but at the same time providing lots of background information on yourself, experience, and that of your company. Relationships develop slowly.


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