Job interview mistakes

Below we have supplied sample answers from various job interviews. Is there anything inappropriate in the answers that you would suggest taking out?


Job interview: Sample answers

The last ten years? Well I am only 25 so that means my last ten years have been my formative years. I like who I am so I probably wouldn’t change that much. Except, I didn’t have a girlfriend. Perhaps you could help me change that. What are you doing tonight?

This will be my first main job really. I have worked in a gas station before, but that is not the type of job that offers career advancement.

I hope you offer me the job and I’ll live up to and exceed expectations. I may be young, but I am eager.

I worked alone on the job for the most part, but I liked my boss and my colleagues and we also had a good atmosphere at work. I got along with customers extremely well.

I’m single and I don’t have a steady girlfriend. So, will you go out with me this evening?

Throughout school and college I have been a leader. I was captain of my football team, headed the debating club in my school and was elected class rep three times. I was the editor of the school paper and had the sole responsibility during my work shifts at the gas station. So I’m a leader.

I’m the kind of person who likes challenges and feels it is a rewarding experience when I have done a job really well. I like to take the initiative and I am an innovative thinker.

Well, as I have mentioned at least twice already, my aim is to be in senior management. I don’t really see the point in repeating that again. I want to make important decisions; I’m aiming for the top.

Well yes, I suppose I am a little young, and as I said I haven’t got much experience. But you have to start somewhere and I am eager and energetic, ready to blow fresh air into your company. But then if everyone is as young as you are, well….

Yes definitely. As I said, I’m looking to climb the corporate ladder, so I’m interested in every opportunity.

I have a personal career objective. First I want to learn the basics about managing projects and people. Perhaps that takes three, four years. Then I expect to start climbing the corporate ladder where my sights are set on a senior management position. Maybe I’ll be your boss one day.

I’m hardworking, reliable, punctual and honest. I suppose one of my weaknesses is that I don’t have much experience yet.

I’m expecting the going rate to begin with, and will expect a raise once I have proven my worth to the company.

I’m looking to make a career in this line of work. If the company is happy with me and I with it, I’ll be staying for a long time.

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