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Jerome was called into his room in the break between the second and the third class on a Thursday . He had no fear of trouble, for he was a – the name that the and headmaster of a rather expensive school had chosen to give to approved, reliable boys in the lower forms (from a warden one became a guardian and finally before leaving, it was hoped for Marlborough or Rugby, a ). The housemaster, Mr Wordsworth, sat behind his desk with an appearance of and . Jerome had the odd impression when he entered that he was a cause of fear.

“Sit down, Jerome,” Mr Wordsworth said. “All going well with the

“Yes, sir.”

“I’ve had a call, Jerome. From your aunt. I’m afraid I have bad news for you.”

“Yes, sir?”

“Your father has had an


Mr Wordsworth looked at him with some . “A serious accident.”

“Yes, sir?”

Jerome his father: the verb is . As man recreates God, so Jerome re-created his father – from a restless author into a adventurer who travelled in far places – Nice, Beirut, Majorca, even the Canaries. The time had about his eighth birthday when Jerome believed that his father either “ran guns” or was a of the British Secret Service. Now it occurred to him that his father might have been in a “hail of machine-gun bullets”.

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