Med Glosemesteren blir det enklere og morsommere å øve på gloser. Til hver tekst i læreboka finner du en test, og du kan selv velge om du vil oversette fra eller til norsk.

Du finner glosemesteren her.

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The Notting Hill Carnival in mulitcultural London.

International English is an exciting course in Norwegian secondary education. This second edition of Access to International English will provide you with the materials you need to meet the objectives of the study plan.

We hope you will find the book and this supplementary website both enjoyable and rewarding to use.

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The Queen's official birthday

Celebrated on one of the first three Saturdays in June


9 June 1984: Donald Duck is 50 today

Donald is now a middle-aged duck


14 June 1811: Harriet Beecher Stowe is born

She wrote one of the most famous novels of all times


Access to International English


Læreplan i engelsk - programfag i studiespesialiserende utdanningsprogram

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